BWC Community Care

Who we are 

Black Wolf Consulting (BWC) Community Care Branch is the health and disability arm of BWC. We are a team comprised of allied health and business professionals. We specialise in disability support, allied health care, workforce planning and recruitment. We use a transparent and thorough approach to partner with clients, candidates, business teams and organisations within the child safety, disability and health related helping fields.

Why work with us?

The BWC Community Care professionals have specific experience, skills and industry know how with respect to practical solutions to help helping agencies. Although we have a business focus we are sensitive to and knowledgeable about the helping agency frameworks which underpin human rights, dignity, respect, least restrictive practices as well as service standards and legislation. Our aim is agency resilience, best practice and evidence based services.

Our specialties

Within our resilience framework we have a strong desire to meet the needs of helping agencies through training, boosting the management of helping agency services, increasing skill and preventing risk. We have solid experience which includes: best practice recruiting for the allied health agencies (by allied health professionals). We have good working knowledge of severe and complex challenging behaviour, positive behaviour support, trauma informed care, disability syndromes and practical support in helping people with mental health needs.

We use all of our skills to hold in mind safeguarding and peer support for agencies and the need to support vulnerable people in our community to have a good life.

How we help? Our suite of services we offer include but are not exclusive to:

  • NDIS ready: Practical support and coaching from industry allied health professionals and managers, to ensure readiness for the NDIS rollout and your targeted response.

  • Capacity build: Support, capacity and resilience building services for your support staff who deal with high or complex support needs, which guides the safety planning for challenging situations across all areas of caregiving.

  • Clinical edge: Clinical resources and training to upskill new or existing staff about essential knowledge in significant health and disability related conditions and syndromes.

  • Practical Positive Behaviour Support: Consultative support to directly troubleshoot complex behaviour support planning needs, on demand training needs, and the specific complexities when implementing client plans.

  • Ready care planning: Practical care planning and holistic review framework to maximise effective clinical and quality of life planning as well as the skilful use of available supports.

  • Risk management method: Our tailored human services clinical risk management method to ensure your agency responds well to risk, and engages in thorough safeguarding and review processes for the helping industry.

  • Ready recruitment: Hiring ready staff who can effectively provide, health, disability and helping agency care services.

  • Quick Consult: Shorter term consultation and advisory services across: key agency projects, industry knowledge gaps, practical resources, psychoeducation, specific troubleshooting for client related supports, all informed by allied health and business practitioners who are skilled in child safety, disability and health related fields.


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